Mentfort Mental Health

Mentfort Mental Health

Mentfort Mental Health App Project. Mentfort is a new app that makes it easy for people to communicate with online therapists to manage their health and wellbeing. MentFort offers CBT/REBT services for Corporate clients, helping employees with a variety of areas that might impact performance or workplace well-being. Services include both 1-on-1 therapy sessions with employees as well as group presentations and workshops for larger audiences.

The Mentfort site is currently under development.

Project scope: A creative and non-gender specific site that showcases the Mentfort health app and its benefits for individuals and businesses.

Project Details & Highlights: 

  • Creation of Animation; storyline, layouts, discussion of character and audience
  • Customised theme
  • Banner and slider design and layouts
  • Server and domain setup
  • WordPress and theme installed
  • Server Ram increased for faster speed
  • Client Mentfort
  • Date December 10, 2016
  • Tags Projects
  • URL View Project

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